Voley i Dukhom

by Hvangur

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released December 4, 2010

"Voley i Dukhom" is Hvangur's second studio album following the debut CD "Krov' i Pepel" in 2003.

released 4 december 2010
All songs written by Hvangur
Persival - Flute/Bagpipes
Sventoyar - Bass/Guitars/Drums/Vocals
Funguz - Art design
Logabor/Sventoyar - All lyrics
© 2010 Fear and Pray Records



all rights reserved


Hvangur Russian Federation

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Track Name: V'yuga Teney
Blizzard of Shades

My call flies over paths of beasts
Through the black dales and through the dark woods.
My words are turned into ice-birds,
In the snowy needles that is creeping along the ground.
With the frozen dew, with the silver dust,
I will open the way with the forgotten words,
With the dark wisdom of the depths of the forest
And the strength of native Russian blood.
At my service i summon
All the power of coldness and chaos of another world.
In the frost of fog and in a dark woods
Begins this mystical song...
The word turns into the demolishing vortex
And shadows of the past begins to spin in the dance.
They have revive with the strength of appearance,
With the breath of death and with the coldness after death.
With a quiet step storm is approaching
Along an invisible path and along the road leading to eternal sleep.
Ice-covered branches are transformed
Into steel blades with frozen blood inside.
A wonderful breath of death
Forms patterned sparks and cold shades.
They burn and fl icker under invisible light
And convey the sound of unheard song.
I will open the way for the disembodied spirits,
With the help of woven twigs of runic signs.
Blizzard rise in the darkness covered with frost.
She slowly draws and is bound by steely frost.
Wings of my blizzard stretch, with all the power of coldness,
With the authority of ice and snow.
She will turn out the master of death
By the shadows dance around the eternal sleeping winter.
Track Name: Mertsayushchiy

The fathomless time, crown of heavenly gyration.
The burden bends, colossus of orbit motion.
The Galaxy horseshoes, hooves of nuclear friction.
The eternal gates, prayer in chaotic flow.
In the hollow depths, magnet of polar contraction.
In the dark depths, eyes of infi nite vision.
In the measured depths, pulse of remote ritual.
In the boundless depths, chasm of rampant decay.
Verges are transparent, gates of parallel occurrence.
Eyelids are hidden, orbit of anxious vigil.
Worlds of endless, nodes of ornamental impression.
Gods are faceless, a sign of mental insight.
In the stellar depths, gap of celestial turmoil.
In the black depths, haze of obscure singing.
In the ungovernable depths, hailstorm of immediate invasion.
In the decrepit depths, memory of amber languor.

The all-crushing and all-absorbing millstones are expanded in all dimensions of the Universe.
Under their cosmic rhythm occurs a great dance of creation and destruction.
Towards the gaze of abyss are born the sparks of divine revelation into a single creative rotation.
Their eternal shimmering are attracts the thought through multilevel flow of the all-penetrating Absolute.
Track Name: Voley i Dukhom
By Will and Spirit

Inspiring words call for the rising glory,
This is a triumphant scream of coming victory,
Shouting for a renewal under sunny rays,
Calling for revenge is burning inside by a vehement white fl ame.
The proud song is roared with ferocious anthem,
She summons us to enter the palace of frost.
With the native honour and execution of more obligation
She must infl ame the heart and infl ate our will.
Prophetic visions are stretching their hands,
Wounds are cauterizing by many fi ery victories,
Flame is burning—cleaning the blood,
And life takes on a new essence from a great goal.
Ardent banners of the Will was raised up!
Now you are the fi re and wind!
The great noon comes—the path to revive,
Awakening morning is approaching.
Need to pass through fi re, need to become fi re,
By lightening your own spirit you have to pierce the horizon,
Need to become a merciless whirlwind,
Through fl aming, furious tornado!
No wolfs howling—it’s the roar of people
The world will shake with the advent of a new day.
Ardent banners of the Will in the air,
At this noon you become the heavenly leader!
Comes the great noon of the white fl ame,
Approaches the moment with brave Will,
Sons of the sun are marching shoulder to shoulder,
Dusk of the Gods are cleaving with the thunderclap!
Our Will to destroy, our Will to burn,
She drives decaying dust to the fl esh of the ground
The sky is shimmers from proudly ancestors
The truth is burning by primordial light!
The enemy around us—is in the past,
The enemy inside us—is the burden of awareness,
The voice of blood will triumphantly speak to us
And will erupt by the shaft of the fl aming willpower!
In the wind of the universe, in stellar breathing,
There will be a fi ery calling from the heaven master,
And the fl ame is enough inside the spark of the dawn
To present the world the greatness of his glory.
The water become agitated, the epoch was complete,
Turned to dust chains of eternity.
Upcoming goals, the vital words
United in the rhythm of the midday rumbling.
By will and spirit, by ashes and blood
Armor-clad with a hammer of wrath.
With the dawn came a hope, with the morning came a rage.
Blood become into ashes, the spirit was fi lled with the will.
Track Name: Arktida

One more step between the blocks of eternal ice,
In the middle of the winter darkness and endless night
Blood runs cold,blood is getting as mica...
...And thick darkness covered us,
Then turned iron into glass,
We were sprinkle the snow with the crimson blood,
And the wind like blade was sliced our eyes...
Cold abyss — the call for the will,
Steel marsh against stone and ice,
Fight with the invisible killer
Battle for breath, war to the death!
Time is dying in the freezing darkness
Vastness of spaciousness — illusive enemy,
Memory about the sun breaks the wall of consciousness
Madness waits a step behind.
...And the snow like a blanket fl ew up to heaven,
The air is gone — the wall of blizzard
Then we began to breathe by ice needles,
Trying to break the chains of frost,and of drowsiness...
The silence sings a song of calmness
She promises a quick death in a dream
But an easy death is frightful with disgrace
The enemy surrenders in this silent war.
Fatigue and pain — traces behind,
Glory to those who go ahead!
Passed through the cold darkness of the abyss,
Your Will — the flag of pride.
...Heaven in a blaze of the polar lightning,
Shining cold in the middle of snowy winter night,
In the gesture of victory hands shot up
In the air is ringing anthem of accomplishments!
...One more step beyond the edge of the sky
Between the sky and the ice is born the road.
Snow becomes into frozen blood
One more step between the everlasting ices...
Track Name: Nav'e Kolo
Nav’ realm

Fumes in the sky, in the cloudy arch
Dusk in the woods, in the coniferous thickets
Haze in the fi elds, in the boundless dales
Cold in the mountains, on the rocky cliffs...
Echoes in the limitless expanse
Like waterfall spilled from the height,
The song is sung, the heart forms steel,
This is round dance of the Nav’, the Wild Hunt.

Sing, Sing — the smell of the forest,
Sing, Sing — through the nightly thicket,
Sing, Sing — the wolf’s howling,
Sing, Sing — ardent and evil,
Drink, drink — the wind blow,
Drink, drink — the shadows dance,
Drink, drink — to inspire sorcery,
Drink, drink — of your strength.

The violent summon sounds around
Spirits of the Nav’ are tearing the edges of the subtle world
Song-Anthem of the forgotten syllable
Awakes the innermost thought.
Shadows of ancestors gleams between the trunks
They fi ll the circle of its ancient power
And the fl ame will be fl ickering by the fi ery blizzard
The whole world will begin to spin in the dance.
Donation was burned in the sacrifi cial fi re
Warriors of the genus are returned into its own memory,
Veles fl ashed in the darkness
He will be as the beast — he will be left a trace.

Look here, look here —
Your will is going to be strong,
Come here, come here —
Here begins your life,
Run to here, run to here —
Your wisdom becomes acute.
Fly to here, fl y to here —
Wings of blizzard of dark ice!

Illusive souls over the dark earth
Free as the wind, the wind of night,
Spirits of Nav’ fl ies over the black water
At a meeting with the sunrise, at the battle with the sunset.
Memory spins the fates by the eternity,
Realm of the Nav’, spindle of the Makosh-fate
By oblivion of centuries is wanes the consciousness
And the thread of objective reality
is being spilled with the silver...
Track Name: Vodopadom pylayushchikh dney
By the waterfalls of flaming days

Stone is gray, your wrinkles are deep,
Leaves of memory weigh on roots of the earth
Falling leaves — faces reflects
In rigid transparency of the autumn water.
And the falling pride condensed into the stone
Great achievements, search for immortality,
And in the dust turned the banner of greatness,
And the bones of fallen heroes decayed.
Into the salt became a cruel fate
By our mother-earth and grandchildren of Rod.
Leaves are whirling — it’s the souls of men,
So our ancestors had voiced the forest legends.
And I hear from them the sound of nightly wind,
Weeping birch and anthems of the past,
Rainbow of leaves, a rainbow of fates,
Fiery kolovrat in my heart wakes.
And by the green vault decorates the wood crown
A magical tracery of leaves and twigs,
Falling leaves among the dark trunks
Faces are hidden in the oaks shadows.
And I see from the faces our dead ancestors
Which are peering through the fi rmness of the memory,
Freedom and pride, contempt to death
Depth of knowledge of our prophetic grandfathers.
And by the waterfall of flaming days
Memory will return and become a part of me,
Visions of the past mixed with blood
With purple leaves, woven of pain.
And by the forests power of heavenly Rod
And by the fury of Russian kind
Locks of oblivion on the exploits of the past
Cracked and blazed by the lives of enemies.
Like falling leaves, my memory and my dream
Dusk frost, post-mortem cold,
Sparks of wisdom hover in the mist
Native song — the wrinkles in the crust.
Track Name: Biarmia. Severnyi bereg
Biarmia. The Northern shore

Shadows are flying like the gray birds
In the wild hunt for thousand of years.
Abyss of the depths, endless time
Merged into a single, death and birth.
Waves stormed the wounded shore
Gandvik roars in the tide of despair.
Pale ridges, as guardians of the silent
Features between the elements, enchanted by the Will.
Northern lights — a distant cosmic sparks
Illusory flourish, signs in the dark,
Heart of Biarmia in the captivity of timelessness
Stone coast, land covered with snow.
Crumble with age the old views
Moss and branches hid the signs
Chants — an echo of the past revelations
Carried by wind over a steel-blue sea.
Biarmia.The Northern shore
The foam — ichor of furious roughness
Pale limit of the last storm
Nameless Skald, faceless image,
Here discovers granite destiny.
Charming song spins in whirlwind
Consonant runes, sacral gesture
By slow rumbling stones echo
Fiery light will break the dawn.
Among the indifferent rocks and the stories without words
Ornament riddled the memory of centuries.
Northern shore — the first border of the Spirit
Land of legends, from the roots and foundations.